The Future of Printing is here!

Digital vs Offset

Digital Printing services a completely different niche compared to offset, while maintaining equal print quality. Offset printing caters for long runs of static products- i.e., the information on each page is the same. Digital Printing allows for extremely short runs (e.g. just a few flyers), as well as for dynamic content. Digital is also a lot faster than offset, allowing jobs to be done in 48 hours or less.

On Demand Printing

Digital printing makes it economical to produce just a few items with very short notice. This concept has great implications for our customers, because for the first time ever they can order just how much they need and get it just when they need it. Our customers no longer have to order thousands of items in order to get prices to an acceptable level, and then store them for months as they are slowly used. On Demand means you get what you want, when you want it.

Variable Data and Personalization

One of the most exciting aspects of Digital Printing is the ability to produce items with data driven dynamic content. This allows the creation of products that contain infomation persnalized to individuals, providing the ultimate solution for direct marketing. Personalization means that every print can have different information, creating new possibilities for versioning, customization and versatility. All of this can be done in beautiful full color and high quality, allowing for maximum impact.


HP Indigo 5000 Digital Printing Press